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Best Tips for Selling Your Home

Sean Bunevich

Here’s a Guardian Savings Bank checklist to help you prepare to sell your home!

  • Declutter, organize, and clean.
    • Clean out your closets and drawers—selling is the perfect time.
    • Contact your trash provider for bulk pickup days or reach out to local charities if you choose to donate old belongings/clothes.
    • Remove excess furniture from rooms and clothing from closets to help show off the size of the space.
    • Fix minor flaws, drippy faucets, caulking, and marks on walls. Minor repairs have a big impact!
  • How’s the curb appeal?
    • Remember, your front door is the buyer’s first impression. Make sure it’s clean and scrubbed and the paint isn’t chipped or peeling.
    • Fresh flowers, mulch, and trimmed shrubs can go a long way in creating a welcoming atmosphere.
    • Consider a power wash to bring your home to life.
  • Hire a real estate agent to discuss your plan and timeline.
    • Real estate agents can help your sale progress and make any necessary suggestions. There are many ways to connect with a local realtor, including:
      • Online
      • Referral from a friend
      • Agent who sold you your home
  • List your home for sale.
    • Your agent will likely suggest an appropriate and competitive price for your home.
    • Keep your home clean for showings.
    • Be flexible with showings and receptive to feedback from potential buyers.
  • Accept an offer.
    • Sign your purchase agreement.
  • Make it through inspections.
    • The buyer will likely want a general home inspection done. If there are repairs needed, you may have to pay in advance to make the repairs or renegotiate your sales price. Remember: out-of-pocket expenses can be tedious at first, but they can help inspire customers to move forward with purchasing your home.
  • Start packing.
    • Closing periods can vary from between a few weeks to a few months, depending on the financing needed. Make sure you’re communicating with your realtor throughout the selling process so you can schedule movers appropriately.
  • Final walk-through for buyers.
    • Buyers will schedule a final walk-through before closing to confirm that any needed repairs were made and no other changes to the home are required.
  • Close on the home.
    • All keys and garage door openers are collected.
    • Utilities are turned off.
    • Receipts collected from repairs that have been made.
    • Copies of security system manuals and warranties are printed.
    • Any other property documents the buyer may need are provided.

We’re here to help you throughout the home buying and selling process. Maybe you want to buy before you sell? We have a blanket loan option for that. We can discuss several loan options to help the home selling and buying process go as smooth as possible.

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Written by Sean Bunevich

Sean Bunevich is Vice President of Consumer Direct Lending at Union Savings Bank and Guardian Savings Bank. When he’s not working, Sean likes to spend time with his wife and three adorable children.

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