Back in the day, saving up for a home while renting was doable. But with rent skyrocketing by the second, home-buying today can feel impossible. That’s where we come in! At Guardian Savings Bank, our down-payment assistance programs make the impossible possible.

The problem many renters face when saving for a home is that they can’t save rapidly for a down payment and upfront costs. Our down-payment assistance programs exist to make homeownership possible for those who quality for a loan.

As the video explains, there are several different types of down-payment assistance programs, such as repayment, career-specific, and first-come-first-serve (or time-sensitive) programs.

Curious about which program(s) you qualify for? Watch the video below to get a preliminary understanding of down-payment assistance programs and contact a Guardian Savings Bank loan officer today to get started. We’re happy to provide the financial planning and financial assistance you need to make you a proud homeowner today.